We know Consumer Goods

Today there are hundreds of thousands of operators and retailers in the USA. Which are most relevant for you?

Using industry specific data, Neoway helps uncover this landscape, whether you are looking to discover new sales opportunities, optimize your go-to-market approach, or maximize sales with existing customers.

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Actionable Customer Insight

Our mission is to empower our clients to make decisions with confidence based on data analytics insights.

Actionable Insights

Our Offer

Neoway offers the most Actionable B2B Customer Insight in the consumer goods market.

Customer Segmentation

Understand who your customers really are by building a deeper and more accurate profile of your existing customers and prospects.

Market Assessment

Identify all possible sales opportunities in your TAM

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Lead Recommendation

Score which operators have the highest propensity to buy

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Sales Potential

Estimate your gross sales potential of your quality leads

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Product Recommendation

Suggest the optimal mix of products to sell to each unique prospect

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Speed to Market

Get to newly opening locations before competitors

Framework for Actionable Customer Insight

Merge your customer database with Neoway's data sources to create a single unified profile for each customer and prospect. Relevant new attributes will enrich the operator's profile.

Find look-a-like prospects that have similar profile attributes as your most valuable customers.

Quantify your total addressable market for each segment and product.

Prioritize your sales leads by potential or product mix to optimize your sales efficiency.

Distribute sales leads to sales reps via Neoway's platform or your CRM, empowering sales with relevant insights aboute the lead.

Track sales performance (lead volume generation, conversion, average ticket size) for each segment.

Using machine learning, Neoway reviews all sales outcomes and adapts recommendations to find the best leads.

Customer insight experience

We want to show you how Neoway can help you:

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One comprehensive solution with capabilities that set us apart

We offer a solution to compile, process and organize huge volumes of market data to ultimately cross with your existing customer data. Neoway delivers all data in an intuitive SaaS interface for non-technical business users to analyze without needing technical support.

Data sourcing

We offer access to the data and metadata generated from Neoway's sources, allowing you to download any data created during the project.

Data Science

Our team enriches your results by incorporating variables based on statistical models to pinpoint the most relevant opportunities.

Data Visualization

Our proprietary data visualization platform, is designed to make large datasets accessible and actionable by non-technical users.

Customer Experience

We are prepared to assist you in the implementation of the platform, support you with the execution strategy, and the creation of statistical models and customized fields according to the specific needs of your business.

Customer Success Manager
Data Scientist
Solutions Delivery Analyst

It's time to take control of your
sales data strategy

Share your sales data strategy challenges with us to see how Neoway can help your business grow

Our one stop solution eliminates the complexities of managing multiple vendors and empowers all of your teams to excel

Simple ETL and valuable CPG data sets

  • Easy and fast integration: Connect to Neoway via API and access data directly.
  • Data transparency: sourcing from public and partnered databases.
  • Data pipelines consistently refresh our database.
  • We manage strategic partnerships to capture additional relevant data sources.

Leverage data to uncover valuable and actionable market insights.

  • Easy to use interface gives your marketing team visibility.
  • Multiple data sources organized into one single platform, accessible by profile, lead management and geomarketing features.
  • Customizable dashboard offers a simple overview of market data.
  • Individual customer and prospect profile data is available to anyone on the team.

A continuous deal-flow of high quality leads.

  • Painless integration with CRMs and BIs.
  • Relevant data for each prospect profile gives sales talking points.
  • Updating customized models based on feedback and guidance of sales team results.
  • Delivers leads in the hands of your sales team so they can focus on closing deals.

Your business decisions should be backed by concrete data.

  • One stop shop: cost savings compared with consultant or multiple service provider fees.
  • Data, sales and marketing team's increase in productivity and efficiency.
  • Additional revenue brought in by existing clients.
  • Increase in market share by having access to newly opened operators.
  • Ability to scale with rapid processing on millions of data records.

Neoway Worldwide

We are a data analytics company with operations in multiple countries focused on building the future with our customers on a foundation of market experience and innovative technology. We are a talented team of entrepreneurial do-ers, always striving to deliver high impact solutions for our customers.


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+ 500

Global Customers

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years in the market


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The expertise of an established company with the agility of a startup.

Neoway has delivered transformative results to sales organizations in some of the largest companies in the world.

Re-defined a business unit's commercial strategy and achieved an increase of


In Annual Revenue
Scored their prospects by regions and increased in

6 months

Its monthly revenue
Optimized sales rep travel time to most relevant points of sale and closed


new sales leads
Mapped out new customers and optimized sales visitation process increasing in


New Client Base